Dr. Tinahones spoke about the obesity problems that society faces

On Thursday, February 20, the Health and Well-being program of the PTV Malaga channel broadcast a report on the Ingravity Cool mattress, made on the day of the presentation of the new La Nuit model.

Raimundo Artacho explained that this mattress “is prepared to improve the rest of overweight people” and that, in addition, “it has the ability to adapt to the weight of the person depending on the weather and their physical needs.”

He also explained that the great advantage of the Ingravity Cool mattress is that “it provides individualized support to each person”, that is, if it is a couple in which one of them has obesity problems and the other does not, the mattress adapts to each other.

In addition, during the presentation, Raimundo Artacho and Dr. Francisco Tinahones, president of the Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity SEEDO signed a collaboration agreement. As Artacho pointed out, “for every sale of an Ingravity Cool mattress, 5 euros are donated to the SEEDO association to collaborate with their research”.

For his part, Dr. Tinahones stressed that “we have a general health problem due to the decrease in physical activity, an increase in caloric intake, stress … even socioeconomic status.” Finally, the president of SEEDO added that “people who sleep little or badly have a higher risk of obesity.”

You can view the report here (from 18 ’45’ ’to 22’ 34 ’’)